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“Working in the UK” courses for vets and nurses educated outside the UK

The RCVS Academy has launched “Working in the UK” courses for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses educated outside the UK

The RCVS Academy, a free digital learning platform for the veterinary professions, has launched two “Working in the UK” courses.

These courses are designed to provide overseas-qualified veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses with the essential knowledge and understanding of how to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and practise as veterinary professionals in the UK.

The new courses build on the supportive learning materials provided by the Academy for overseas-qualified veterinary professionals last year and have been created to provide more targeted information for them.

RCVS Academy Manager, Jennifer Ayers, said “Moving to a new country and starting a new role can be daunting.

“We have designed these Academy courses to provide overseas-qualified veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses with easily accessible guidance to support them in becoming registered members of the UK veterinary professions.

“Here in the UK, we are very fortunate to have a multitude of talented practising veterinary professionals from all over the world and want to make the process straightforward and supportive for others now looking to work in the UK.

“The new specific veterinary surgeon and veterinary nursing ‘Working in the UK’ courses provide targeted guidance for individuals dependent on their specific role, current qualifications and the place from which they qualified.

“Both courses include two introductory modules: ‘Working in the UK’ and ‘Registering in the UK’, before moving into more specific requirements for the different professions.

“These include useful information on how to prepare for the registration or membership examinations and career support.

“As with all Academy courses, our ‘Working in the UK’ courses are free to access and can be completed in stages to fit around busy schedules and you can return to any particularly useful course content at any time.”

The “Working in the UK for veterinary nurses” and “Working in the UK for veterinary surgeons” courses can be accessed via the RCVS Academy using your “My Account” login details.

Other courses in areas such as career development, concerns support, and management and leadership are also available there.

All registered members of the RCVS are given a “My Account” login automatically upon joining their respective Registers.

Any overseas veterinary professional who is not currently registered with the RCVS, should visit the website for more information on how to access the RCVS Academy.  

Anyone with any questions about the Academy, or any suggestions for improvement, should please contact the RCVS Academy.

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