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New package to help vets save time delivering Animal Health and Welfare Pathway reviews

VetDX is launching a service package to help vets save time and streamline the process for Defra Animal Health and Welfare on-farm reviews

VetDX is launching a complete service package to provide veterinary practices with everything they need to efficiently and effectively process Defra Animal Health and Welfare on-farm reviews.

The cloud-based module is compatible with existing laboratory arrangements or as a turnkey solution in partnership with an accredited independent lab.

Both options offer a highly efficient electronic service on the VetDX application, guiding the user through the new requirements easily while saving time.

The Pathway module is the first from the VetDX software as a service (SaaS) platform designed to create significant time saving opportunities for vets.

The system allows Animal Health and Welfare reviews to become more efficient by linking the veterinary practitioner with laboratories.

This allows results and data access to the farmer and vet while ensuring the vet is always informed and in control.

The platform provides an easy-to-use app presentation for simplifying practice admin, in-field editing and data collection on mobile or tablet.

Practice staff can schedule visits and perform administrative functions prior to the visit, directly removing a significant burden on vets and saving precious time on farm.

Reports, which can be branded for each practice, can swiftly be completed by the vet practice within the app and shared with the farmer when finished.

Only anonymised sample data is passed to the testing laboratory, improving data security and governance for the vet and the farmer.

The VetDX platform is available on a pay per use basis, with no upfront or annual licence fees, and can be customised to include the vet practice’s own logo.

Clive Minihan, VetDX director, said: “We are excited to be deploying our cloud-based SaaS platform in the veterinary space, to simplify the collection of very specific data in remote farm locations, and to speed up sample processing and the delivery of results.

“Defra’s Animal Health and Welfare Pathway initiative is a great opportunity to deliver an easy-to-use solution that makes the vet and farmer’s lives easier and makes the most of the Pathway opportunity to help farming clients”.

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