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Vetigel: new haemostatic gel claims to transform veterinary surgeries

VetPlus has taken over the worldwide distribution for Vetigel, a haemostatic gel which stops bleeding in seconds and which can now be used for all types of surgery

Vetigel, the first haemostatic gel for the veterinary market is now available to vets for use beyond dental and oral surgeries.

VetPlus has gained exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the haemostatic gel, which was first introduced in the UK for orthodontic surgeries earlier this year.

The plant-based gel, supplied in a pre-filled syringe, should be applied directly to the site of bleeding.

Vetigel creates an initial mechanical seal and then supports the formation of the platelet plug below.

It can be used in many situations where bleeding is an issue and the haemostatic gel can be applied directly to the site of bleeding, including liver biopsies, mass removals, amputations and enucleations.

Jackie Marshall, VetPlus technical advisor, said: “This innovative product is already transforming the way vets perform both dental and surgical procedures, and we have had really positive feedback from those practices where it is being used already.”

“Vetigel isn’t intended to replace a surgeon’s technique, but it is designed to stop bleeding where pressure or other methods are ineffective or impractical.

“Because it is a gel, it can conform to a wide range of wound shapes, making it a rapid, effective way of controlling bleeding.

“We believe this product will make a lasting impact on veterinary care, transforming the way surgeries are carried out and assisting haemostasis in animal patients.”

Zak Leavold, a vet based at Calster Vets in Great Yarmouth, used Vetigel in an emergency situation, out of hours, on a dog with a bleed due to a kidney laceration.

He said: “I genuinely believe the product saved the dog’s life that night. I will certainly be keeping Vetigel on hand for any future soft surgeries – just in case!”

To see Vetigel in action, check out these videos, and for further information, head to the VetPlus website.

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