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Vetoquinol announces upcoming dairy excellence webinar 

Vetoquinol has announced the next in its series of dairy excellence webinars on mastitis and udder health management

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Led by international expert speakers in the field, the “Achieve Better Milk Together” dairy excellence webinar is free to attend and is particularly useful for those just starting out in their veterinary careers.

“Dairy excellence” is the subject of the webinar, happening live on 28 September at 6pm (BST).

The session will focus on mastering milking routines, milk sampling, and treatment administration.

Registration is free.

Delivering the invaluable information and insights will be Sofie Piepers, veterinarian and researcher in mastitis management, and Joep Driessen, veterinarian and founder of CowSignals.

Sofie graduated as a vet in 2005 and her passion is mastitis and milk quality. As a veterinarian and researcher, she delivers training to vets in mastitis management and encourages them to be the best udder health experts they can be.

Joep founded CowSignals Training Company in 2007 and works tirelessly to educate farmers on how to keep cows healthy and happy for the good of the animals, their farm businesses, and the planet.

For Vetoquinol, partnering with international experts to educate the next generation of vets on mastitis prevention and management helps them achieve their goals of improving animal health and welfare and enhancing the sustainability of farm businesses for a healthier planet.

“At Vetoquinol, we believe that we can achieve a better quality of life, a more sustainable business and healthier cows,” says Sean Riches, product and solutions manager for farm animals at Vetoquinol.

“This webinar allows us to home in on the practical steps that can be taken to achieve dairy excellence, including mastitis prevention, and evidence-based mastitis therapy.

“As an industry, we can achieve so much more together.”

To register for the dairy excellence webinar, click here.

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