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Zoetis to launch virtual laboratory at London Vet Show

Zoetis is set to unveil their Virtual Laboratory, an innovative and integrated suite of diagnostic products and services, at the London Vet Show 2023

Zoetis is set to unveil the Virtual Laboratory, an innovative and integrated suite of diagnostic products and services, at the London Vet Show at ExCeL London, 16 to 17 November 2023.

The synergistic solution delivers diagnostic insights by combining state-of-the-art technology, global specialist support and expertise to elevate patient care and transform turnaround times from days to hours.

“Point-of-care diagnostic tools offer clinics the opportunity to expedite diagnosis, not only improving patient outcomes but also supporting the well-being of busy healthcare teams,” said Richard Goldstein, vice president and chief medical officer global diagnostics at Zoetis. “Together, these specific products and services address time, staff support, clinical outcomes and employee satisfaction.

“We are seeing incredible success in both the UK and other countries where Vetscan customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The virtual laboratory combines Zoetis’ pioneering devices – Vetscan Imagyst powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Vetscan HM5 and Vetscan VS2 – with the global online platform, ZoetisDx providing access to expert support through AI, clinical pathologists and specialist clinical consultants.

Zoetis’ board-certified team of global clinical consultants offers an extra layer of reassurance to clinicians that require further support, 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

The ZoetisDx intuitive platform allows clinicians to view and share patient results, drive informative discussions, improve communication between pet owners and veterinarians – strengthening the vet-client bond.

The online platform is accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device, displaying patient information and diagnostic data from multiple sources in a single glance.

Results can now be delivered through ZoetisDx within hours, as opposed to days, by using advanced in-clinic devices.

The Vetscan Imagyst harnesses Zoetis’ progressive learning AI algorithms to produce a diagnosis within a matter of minutes, and within hours for clinical pathologists.

The technology benefits from the Virtual Laboratory’s unparalleled data repository to deliver superior insights, which are readily interpretable and shareable with pet owners.

The portfolio of Vetscan devices within the Zoetis Virtual Laboratory is also supported by a global, multidisciplinary team of specialists. They are available through the platform to assess and review results via real-time video, audio, or email, speeding up traditional timeframes. Their expertise spans small animal internal medicine, oncology and dermatology, exotics, equine internal medicine, neurology, plus many more specialties.

This service enables 24/5 access to advice that supports medical decision-making in complex or challenging cases, ensuring the best patient care and client service.

“Veterinarians face a plethora of daily and long-term challenges, not least the task of balancing workloads and battling waiting times for in-demand specialists,” said Dr Myles McKenna, head of consultants at Zoetis. “Keeping up with technical advances is also a very real issue for clinics, so our complimentary service is very much geared towards helping ease these pressures.

“By supporting the industry to navigate and transition into this new and virtual space I’m confident we’re going to see patient outcomes improve exponentially.”

Vetscan Imagyst is a first-of-its-kind technology offering multiple applications in a single diagnostics platform, leveraging a combination of image recognition technology, algorithms and cloud-based AI.

The existing capabilities include AI dermatology, AI faecal analysis, AI blood smear analysis and digital cytology.

AI developments and capabilities are constantly evolving with new capabilities expected early 2024, keeping clinics ahead of the curve.

The Vetscan HM5 haematology analyser delivers laboratory-quality, complete blood counts (CBC) in minutes. Up to 20 blood samples can be processed per hour, producing clear results digitally or via a printout.

Results can also be combined with the Vetscan VS2 chemistry analyser, which can carry out biochemistry, electrolyte and organ-specific analysis from a single profile.

The VS2 offers 10 different profile options covering 25 analytes.

The three in-clinic diagnostic devices operating within the realms of the Virtual Laboratory allows for quick, efficient, and precise diagnoses to determine the best treatment plans – streamlining workflows for clinic staff.

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