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CASCO Pet to launch WELLKennels Pet Tunes speaker at VMX 2024

Veterinary housing provider CASCO Pet is set to launch a visionary collaboration with new partner Pet Acoustics at the upcoming VMX vet conference in Orland

On show at VMX in Orland, florida, will be a new feature for CASCO Pet’s WELLKennels – the Pet Tunes speaker – which reduces animals’ stress and anxiety in various environments, but most importantly in veterinary settings.

By delivering calming sounds aimed at enhancing the overall experience at the clinic, these multisensory speakers have been proven through biometric studies to soothe patients with comforting original music, modified by frequencies and decibel levels that are tailored for individual animal species.

One study recorded the biological responses in dogs to canine-specific music and results showed a 5.9 percent reduction in median pulse rates during listening sessions and a 1.3 percent increase in overall median average Heart Rate Variability.

The Pet Tunes speaker can be integrated into CASCO Pet’s glass WELLKennels, which have been designed to strengthen patient care standards in clinical housing – offering an alternative to traditional stainless-steel cages.

The kennels provide maximum comfort and safety, with options for other fully customisable features, including built-in heat mats and lighting.

Both companies are aligned in their aim to reduce fear and stress in companion animals and the new partnership represents a promising step forward in redefining the veterinary experience for pets.

Matthew Bubear, CASCO Pet CEO, said: “I tried many different ways to calm my own dog with little success, but the Canine Pet Tune instantly relaxed her.

“She was able to fall asleep within minutes and I knew it would be a great addition to our WELLKennels.

“We are looking forward to working with the team at Pet Acoustics to introduce their Pet Tunes speakers to veterinary clinics around the world.”

Janet Marlow, founder and CEO at Pet Acoustics, added: “This is an exciting new venture for us, and the alliance has come naturally.

“I’d like to welcome anyone to visit our booth at VMX where we’ll be showcasing how the healing impact of sound can enhance animal wellness and behaviour at your clinic.”

Janet will be present alongside CASCO Pet on Booth 777 at VMX later this week.

The five-day event, which takes place between January 13 and 17, gathers tens of thousands of world leaders in veterinary medicine, featuring innovative designs, research and education in the field.

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