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Ceva launches Happy Snack by FELIWAY

Ceva Animal Health, a world leader in pet behaviour, has launched Happy Snack by FELIWAY, the first and only relaxing liquid snack which comforts cats in challenging and unsettling situations and helps strengthen the relationship between cats and their owners.

Loved by 86% of cats (internal data), Happy Snack is a light, delicious creamy snack containing a unique composition featuring alpha-casozepine, a well-known natural milk protein with proven appeasing properties.

Cats thrive on routine, and Happy Snack creates a relaxing and calm environment to strengthen the human-animal bond, enabling cats and their owners to share a special moment of happiness. In a lickable format, Happy Snack is convenient for cats and kittens from 12 weeks of age, on the move and in the home, and can be used directly from the sachet, on food or from a finger.

“Seventy-two per cent of cats exhibit at least one stress-related behaviour (Rodan et al., 2022), such as scratching the furniture, urinating or defecating outside the litter tray and hiding away for long periods of time,” says Claire Gibbs, marketing manager at Ceva Animal Health. “FELIWAY is now a household name to many cat lovers, with more than 14 million cats worldwide having benefited from its use.  Happy Snack can comfort cats in stressful situations and strengthen the relationship between cats and their owners, giving cat owners even more options to enable them to live happily with their cats.”

Commenting on the launch of Happy Snack, feline behaviourist Lucy Hoile adds: “I am very excited about Happy Snack, as I think there is a real gap in the market!  Something delicious that a person can give easily to a cat is a great tool to help with general distraction and bond building.”

Providing solutions for cat owners to be happy together with their cats has been Ceva’s drive for innovation since 1996.  As a pioneer in companion animal behaviour, the global veterinary health company has built a strong reputation and expertise in this area as the FELIWAY range has grown.

Happy Snack by FELIWAY is available in packs of six sachets.  For information, visit the FELIWAY website.

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