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Easter pet poisoning solution from Animalcare

Clevor only activates the receptors in the brain necessary to trigger emesis

Easter is nearly upon us, which means that chocolate, raisins, and other sweet treats are everywhere, and as we all know, dogs aren’t exactly great at resisting temptation. Research has shown that cases of dog poisoning soar at this time of year, so Animalcare, the UK veterinary pharmaceutical company, has launched Clevor, a fast-acting emetic in a patient -friendly eye drop onto the UK market, just in time for the Easter holidays.

The active ingredient of Clevor is ropinirole, a full dopamine agonist with high selectivity for dopamine D2-type receptors. Clevor only activates the receptors in the brain necessary to trigger emesis. It is also the only emetic product in the UK licensed for repeat dosing.

Clevor is available in packs of three eye dropper vials. Each vial contains enough active ingredients to dose up to three 20kg dogs at once, including a second dose if necessary.

Kai Crawshaw, Animalcare UK brand manager, said:

“It’s hard to keep pets away from toxic substances, so we are pleased to be able to offer vets a new treatment option for pet poisoning just in time for Easter. Clevor is revolutionary in the field of emetics, offering veterinary practices a highly selective product with a non-invasive method of administration. We are confident that Clevor will quickly become a tried and trusted product of choice for those emergency situations.”

Visit the Animalcare website for more information, to book a meeting with an Animalcare sales representative or to download the product detailer.

For further information or orders, please contact your local Animalcare territory manager or email.

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