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Equine behavioural case study webinar

Philanthropic gesture provides free access to behavioural case study webinar

Equine enthusiasts and professionals are invited to a groundbreaking webinar featuring the distinguished veterinary behaviourist Dr Roxane Kirton. Clinical animal behaviourist Anna Haines of Equine Behaviour Solutions is hosting the webinar, which will delve into a highly intricate case involving a horse with human-directed aggression and severe crib biting, with a special emphasis on stress regulation, early life experiences and its potential lifelong impacts. Roxane will also discuss the use of psychopharmaceutical intervention and touch on the topic of behavioural euthanasia.

Complimentary access for all

Thanks to an unexpected and generous donation made in memory of the featured horse, the webinar is now free of charge for all attendees. This philanthropic gesture aims to ensure that valuable insights from the horse’s life can be shared and explain the steps to resolve an extremely challenging case. Anna Haines said, “Enabling everyone to access good behavioural information is of paramount importance to the donor, and it is hoped that this horse’s life can provide valuable lessons for hundreds of equestrians from a variety of disciplines. This has been such a fantastic surprise, and we are delighted that this important event will now be accessible to anyone who wants to attend.”

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Supporting equine welfare

In lieu of ticket fees, participants are encouraged to make optional donations to the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, a small UK-registered charity working to improve the lives of working equines in one of Africa’s smallest and poorest countries. These donations will contribute to supporting equines in need, aligning with the mission to honour the memory of the featured horse.

Webinar Detail

The webinar, titled “An equine case study: human-directed aggression and severe crib biting”, will be presented on 20 February. Tickets are available for the online event here. Can’t make it live? The webinar will be recorded and available for two months after the event, allowing participants to catch up at their convenience.

Webinar highlights include the focus case study –

Roxane will present a detailed equine behaviour case study, shedding light on human-directed aggression, severe crib-biting, and the intricacies of stress regulation.

The presentation will also touch upon the role of pain in unwanted behaviours, the use of medication in equine behaviour patients, and the challenges of making behavioural euthanasia decisions.

Roxane Kirton brings over 15 years of experience as a veterinary surgeon in the UK equine welfare sector. Currently serving as the head equine vet at the RSPCA, she also runs her own equine behaviour referral service, The Equine Behaviour Vet. Her deep love for horses and commitment to a holistic, horse-centered approach make her an esteemed expert in the field.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into equine behaviour and contribute to the welfare of horses. Secure your spot now for this enlightening webinar.

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