Gallant therapeutics raises over $15 million in series A funding to advance pipeline of "off-the-shelf" stem cell therapies for pets - Veterinary Practice
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Gallant therapeutics raises over $15 million in series A funding to advance pipeline of “off-the-shelf” stem cell therapies for pets

Gallant Therapeutics has announced the successful completion of its series A financing, securing over $15 million to advance pipeline of “off-the-shelf” stem cell therapies for pets

Gallant Therapeutics, an animal health biotechnology company pioneering off-the-shelf stem cell therapies for pets, today announced the successful completion of its series A financing, securing over US$15 million.

The financing round, led by BOLD Capital and joined by new investors Digitalis Ventures and Hill Creek Partners, positions Gallant for a transformative phase of growth as they advance towards conditional FDA approval of their leading therapeutic candidate for feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS).

Cindy Cole of Digitalis Ventures will join as a board observer alongside a new independent director who will join existing board members Teymour Boutros-Ghali, Linda Black, Richard Jennings, Darryl Rawlings and James Ratigan Sr.

The successful funding round will enable Gallant to accelerate the development of its pipeline of potentially first-in-class allogeneic stem cell therapeutics, focusing on achieving conditional FDA approval for its leading therapeutic candidate targeting FCGS, a deadly disease with a high unmet medical need.

Beyond FCGS, Gallant is advancing a pipeline that targets osteoarthritis (OA), chronic kidney disease (CKD) and atopic dermatitis, all chronic diseases with a high burden of care in dogs and cats.

“Gallant’s team has demonstrated a fierce vision backed by great progress toward the goal of bringing a new class of transformational therapies to animal health,” said Teymour Boutros-Ghali, PhD, managing partner BOLD Capital.

“We’re excited to support the mission to pioneer innovative solutions for our pets’ greatest health challenges.”

Gallant is building first-in-class technologies around the promise of delivering the regenerative potential of stem cell therapeutics to veterinary medicine.

The company’s novel approach of addressing the root cause of disease with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is strengthened by positive results from multiple pilot studies and the notable launch of their JEDI Pivotal Study, a critical phase in the development of the first allogeneic stem cell therapy targeting FCGS.

“Gallant has an impressive track record of early successes. Bringing a new class of therapies to the market is exciting and requires exceptional talent, technology, and manufacturing capabilities,” said Cindy Cole, DVM, PhD, technical partner at Digitalis Ventures.

“Gallant has all of that. We look forward to partnering with them to realize the broad clinical potential of their validated technologies and redefine standards in veterinary care.”

As Gallant advances its pipeline, the anticipated conditional FDA approval of its leading candidate will mark an important step in derisking its core platform and accelerating market access for other pipeline programs, contributing more broadly to its long-term goal of making accessible ready-to-use doses of stem cell therapeutics for today’s most common conditions in pets.

“We have made unprecedented progress this past year, hitting significant clinical, regulatory, and manufacturing milestones,” said Linda Black, DVM, PhD, CEO of Gallant Therapeutics.

“This investment allows us to leverage our early-stage successes, extending beyond FCGS, to bring a diverse range of therapies to the broader pet market.”

Backed by scalable onsite manufacturing, early-stage commercialisation capabilities, and an experienced team of pioneers in cell therapy product development, Gallant remains committed to pushing the boundaries of veterinary care.

This series A funding represents a crucial step toward Gallant’s vision of bringing “off-the-shelf” stem cell therapies to veterinary clinics worldwide.

The company looks forward to the continued support of its investors, partners, and the broader community as it advances its therapeutic pipeline and strives to redefine the future of pet healthcare.

Gallant Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company setting a new standard in animal health by delivering a pipeline of off-the-shelf stem cell therapies that target the root cause of major diseases in pets.

Gallant is led by industry pioneers in veterinary regenerative medicine with deep expertise in development, manufacturing and early commercialisation.

To learn more about the potential of Gallant’s stem cell therapies, visit their website.

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