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Homes needed for XL bully type dogs

The Scottish SPCA is urgently seeking homes for four XL bully type dogs in our care

The Scottish Government announced recently that from 23 February, anyone who owns an XL bully type dog in Scotland must ensure they are muzzled and on a lead at all times when in public, including in a car.

From this date, it will be an offence to breed, sell, exchange, offer as a gift, advertise, abandon or allow an XL bully dog to stray. 

Head of Rehoming, Fostering & Community Engagement, Jennie Macdonald, said “As Scottish Government advice stands at present, it will become illegal for us to rehome these dogs if they have not found homes by 23 February.

“Our four dogs at Aberdeenshire, Glasgow and Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centres which meet or might meet the physical conformation standard of an XL bully type breed, Duchess, Praline, Paddington and Lex, have undergone enhanced behavioural assessments with our behaviour team.

“The process of ensuring they are ready for rehoming has been ongoing for some months while the situation in Scotland has been unclear. They have all been microchipped, neutered and given a clean bill of health.

“Duchess is three years old and is happiest when she is sitting as close to you as possible. She loves to sneak the occasional kiss. Affection is her favourite thing, and it is impossible not to give it to her!

“She enjoys getting plenty of walks and playing with her toys, so she will need a relatively active home with a secure outdoor area to enjoy some off-lead time.

“Duchess could potentially live in a home with teenagers, pending successful introductions at the centre.

Praline is a sweet and affectionate young girl who loves a fuss. She will happily sit on command if there’s a tasty snack involved as a reward.

“She is doing really well with her ongoing training and walks well on her harness and lead. She has been introduced to a few centre dogs and seems happy to meet them.

“Because of her type, she is being muzzle trained, so she feels comfortable walking in public. Her new owner will have to adhere to this.

“She’s looking for a home with older children where she’ll be the only pet. Praline is very well-handled and has impeccable manners. All she is looking for in life is a comfortable place to rest her big pretty head.

Paddington’s favourite things are long walks (he is a dream on the lead) with his canine companions, picking up new tricks, and endless amounts of toys to play with.

“He shows love and affection with his big waggy tail and smiling face. He can’t wait to show off to his new family and would love to continue learning more tricks. He’s a clever boy and picks things up really quickly, which makes training lots of fun.

“Paddington is polite and playful with other dogs and could share his home with a canine companion, pending successful introductions.

 “Lex is a fantastic young dog with a heart of gold. He loves going on adventures and playing with his favourite toys.

“Lex enjoys having a canine companion, and could potentially live with another similar dog pending a successful introduction at the centre.

“Lex has come on so far with his positive reinforcement training, so his new home should have enough experience to be able to continue this once he has been rehomed.

“We welcome contact from prospective owners with a secure garden who can offer a forever home to these lovely dogs.”

Head of animal behaviour at The Scottish SPCA, Claire Haynes, said: “All our animals for rehoming go thorough comprehensive medical and behavioural assessments. This has been an ongoing process for some months with our XL bully type dogs while the situation in Scotland has been unknown.

“After an enhanced assessment, Duchess and Praline meet the physical conformation standards of an XL bully type breed. Paddington and Lex are still to be formally assessed but could be typed as XL bully dogs.

“The new registered owners will be required to obtain a certificate of exemption and to comply with all necessary legal requirements, which will include keeping the dog on a lead and muzzled at all times in public, including in a car, and maintaining third-party insurance.

“We continue to call for the principle of Deed not Breed to be applied, and for the outdated dangerous dogs legislation to be overhauled. Any dog breed can be potentially out of control and dangerous in the wrong hands.”

To start the process of rehoming Duchess, Praline, Paddington, or Lex, please register your interest on the Scottish SPCA website.  

For further details on XL bully dogs, please visit the Scottish SPCA website.

For Scottish Government guidance, visit the government website.

If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact the Scottish SPCA confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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