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IDEXX expands test menu for the catalyst platform for diagnosing pancreatitis 

The launch of the Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test demonstrates IDEXX’s technology for life strategy and will provide veterinarians with quantitative results at the point-of-care in less than 10 minutes


IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX), a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, announces the launch of the Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test, a single-slide solution for canine and feline patients suspected of pancreatitis. With the innovative load-and-go workflow of the Catalyst analyzers, the test can run effortlessly alongside chemistry profiles, leading to a faster path to diagnosis and enhanced patient outcomes. The Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test will be available in the U.S. and Canada this September, with a global rollout to the over 70,000 Catalyst installed base planned to begin in the fourth quarter of 2024. 

Catalyst pancreatic lipase test

Pancreatitis is a common disease among cats and dogs, and while treatable, it can prove fatal if not caught early. Diagnosing pancreatitis can be difficult due to its nonspecific symptoms and subtle clinical signs, including vomiting and weight loss, which are among the 10 most frequently recorded clinical signs in primary care clinics. Now, with the Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test, veterinarians can receive quantitative results in under 10 minutes. By delivering quantitative diagnostic insights during the patient visit, the new test empowers veterinarians to confidently confirm or rule out pancreatitis and immediately begin treatment, saving crucial time and improving patient outcomes. 

“The Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test marks the tenth menu addition launched for the Catalyst platform since 2012, reinforcing our commitment to extend the clinical value and diagnostic capabilities of our technologies,” said Jay Mazelsky, president and chief executive officer of IDEXX. “We are pleased to deliver a highly requested test, which will streamline the diagnostic workflow and equip veterinarians with the necessary clinical insights for prompt action.”  

The Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test, coupled with VetConnect PLUS software, provides a critical solution for the long-term management of pancreatitis patients due to the chronic nature of the disease. VetConnect PLUS allows for seamless integration of historical data and test results, enabling efficient patient progress evaluation and treatment response.  

“The Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test is the first test to use dry chemistry slide technology that specifically measures pancreatic lipase and correlates with the IDEXX Reference Laboratories Spec cPL and Spec fPL tests to provide the most accurate, quantitative results patient-side for dogs and cats,” said Jörg M. Steiner,, PhD, DACVIM-SA, DECVIM-CA, AGAF, Texas A&M University.

New Catalyst SmartQC Control 

In the fourth quarter of 2024, the Catalyst platform will be further enhanced with the launch of the Catalyst SmartQC Control, a load-and-go quality control testing system that is 90 percent faster than current methods (internal data). The Catalyst SmartQC Control offers an intuitive workflow that takes less than 15 minutes, ensuring quality control is run consistently without compromising staff productivity. These enhancements will be delivered through IDEXX SmartService Solutions, a cloud-based software that supports in-house instruments and powers seamless upgrades for new tests and features. 

Please visit IDEXX website for more information on the Catalyst Pancreatic Lipase Test and Catalyst SmartQC Control. 

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