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In equine vets we trust

A slogan to draw attention to Audevard’s commitment

Why are we highlighting our identity when working with equine vets has been a core component of what we have been doing for the last 40 years?

Audevard has undergone widespread changes over the last five years, strengthening its expert position and growing its business rapidly in the UK and across Europe.

Above and beyond its products, Audevard is a strong and engaged company committed to supporting equine vets and promoting the health of horses who are under their care.

Equine medicine is a veterinary speciality with some unique challenges and demands.

Despite the passion that drives all of those involved in the sector, some remain cautious about investing, given the size of the market. This reluctance sometimes hampers the development of solutions to facilitate the work vets can provide.

This situation has encouraged Audevard into becoming a leading equine pharmaceutical company.

The more successful Audevard becomes, our ability to invest and offer leading innovations to support equine vets evolves.

100 percent “In Equine Vets We Trust”, underlining teamwork

At Audevard, our DNA is 100 percent dedicated to equine. Since 2021, this essential sense of purpose has been further strengthened by joining forces with the LIM Group whose identity is “Horse-centric by nature”. We are and will remain fully committed to horses.

Our strategy is in the hands of vets who treat horses. The trust vets give us enables us to invest in the development of medicinal solutions. By contributing to the development of the therapeutic range of equine products, Audevard provides a practical response to continue to provide and develop products for this market.

Building the future of the equine industry together

Audevard has a strong and committed business plan at its very core, with an emphasis on the need to promote equine health by placing it in the hands of vets for many decades to come.

The essential aim of this communications campaign is to re-emphasise our support for equine vets. Our close relationship with them helps us understand the issues within their profession and provide tailored solutions for this unique equine sector.

“In Equine Vets We Trust” underpins our pledge to continue developing new and innovative products, which we look forward to sharing with you over the coming months.

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