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Movement Referrals releases its first annual clinical research report

Clinical research is a strong part of our culture and values at Movement Referrals

Movement Referrals, an independent referral service based in Cheshire, which opened in 2023, has just released its clinical research report for 2023. The company is led by four specialists in orthopaedics or neurology, all with a track record and strong interest in clinical research. Despite only opening in May 2023, vets at the practice have published multiple peer-reviewed papers, research abstracts, review articles and book chapters.

The report has a foreword by Professor Anna Meredith, executive dean of the faculty of Natural Sciences at Keele University. Professor Meredith commented, “I was delighted to introduce the clinical research report 2023 for Movement Referrals, a partner practice of the Harper and Keele Veterinary School. As a veterinary academic, I fully understand the importance of clinical research and its application to clinical practice. These days, UK universities are judged not only on the quantity and quality of their research but also on the impact of this research on the end users. Partnerships with veterinary practices, such as Movement Referrals, are one way in which universities and other stakeholders can deliver and demonstrate impact. It is great to see the contribution that Movement Referrals has made in such a short time.”

On releasing the report, the directors of Movement Referrals stated, “Clinical research is a strong part of our culture and values at Movement Referrals. As a specialist veterinary-led company, it is important to our whole team that we are engaged in responsible innovation and continuous quality improvement. Our whole careers have been committed to the veterinary professions, and it is rewarding to be able to help the progression of veterinary medicine and surgery. Of course, like all researchers, we need collaboration and in the report we acknowledge our key collaborators and we would like to thank them all for their
contributions. We hope readers will appreciate a summary of our research activities in 2023 and we have lots of plans for 2024 and the coming years.”

The full report can be accessed at the Movement Referrals website.

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