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MyEpilepticPet: a new website to support pet owners

TVM has launched a new website, MyEpilepticPet, dedicated to helping pet owners with the emotional impact of an epilepsy diagnosis

Caring for a pet with epilepsy can be difficult for owners, both emotionally and practically. To support pet owners, TVM, the animal health company, has launched a new website, MyEpilepticPet, dedicated to helping with the emotional impact of the diagnosis, the practical challenges and ensuring that they understand that their pets can maintain a good quality of life with the appropriate management of the condition.

A 2022 study conducted to understand owner perspectives, found that pet owners with epileptic dogs often felt overwhelmed with the diagnosis and the information discussed at the initial consultation.

TVM’s new MyEpilepticPet website, is designed to offer additional support for the ongoing management for owners of epileptic pets and to complement the advice and treatment offered by their veterinary practices.

With detailed information and guidance on the condition, including travelling with an epileptic pet, feeding information, a downloadable epilepsy diary and answers to the most commonly asked questions, the website is an essential resource for people caring for an epileptic pet.

Vicky McAlister, marketing manager at TVM, said: “As my own dog has epilepsy, I have first-hand experience of the condition, and I understand that it can be extremely distressing for owners. Being informed and prepared helps with managing the condition, and the distress that seizures can cause.

The website is intended as an additional resource to support vets in the care they already provide their patients, as we know that owners can often feel overwhelmed, and the study concluded that greater availability of reputable resources would help to improve their satisfaction.’  

The launch of the website coincides with the announcement that Soliphen, part of TVM’s Epilepsy Range, is now available in two new strengths to offer vets increased flexibility of dosing.

For more information, email, call 0800 0385868 visit or contact your local Territory Manager.

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