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Paragon vets launch podcast

It’s another way for us to communicate with clients and potential clients and share insights into the latest veterinary developments

Farmers out on their tractors and dog walkers will be among the target audience for a new Cumbrian podcast which is launching this week.

Paragon Veterinary Group has started a podcast – Paragon Vetcast – to share their expertise on all things related to animal care and welfare.

Paragon Veterinary Group.
Townhead Veterinary Centre at Newbiggin
Left to right. David Black veterinary surgeon/managing director with Rob Simmons veterinary surgeon/director
Photograph Jonathan Becker

The first two episodes, devoted to advanced breeding, are aimed primarily at dairy and beef farmers, although they will also be of interest to the wider public and veterinary students.

Future podcasts will cover other aspects of the veterinary practice.

David Black, senior director of Paragon Veterinary Group, said: “The podcast is an exciting new venture for us. It’s another way for us to communicate with clients and potential clients and share insights into the latest veterinary developments. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen anytime or anywhere – while you’re driving, working on the farm, walking the dog or even taking a bath.”

He added: “We’re starting with two podcasts on advanced breeding because it’s a really hot topic, but we are planning future episodes covering other aspects of veterinary work from small animal to equine and farm.”

The first podcast sees David and Rob Simmons, veterinary surgeon, director and lead vet for advanced breeding, in conversation with journalist Julian Whittle about the benefits of advanced breeding techniques such as IVF.

They make that point that advanced breeding can help all livestock farmers – not only elite breeders – by maximising the number of calves from the best animals so improving the quality of the herd.

Increasingly, they say, advanced breeding is being used to enhance methane efficiency and improve animal welfare, as well as to maximise production.

The podcast also touches on cutting-edge innovations such as embryo biopsies genomics and epigenetics. The second episode, on sustainability in advanced breeding, is due for release in June.

Paragon is an authority on advanced breeding and started its cattle embryo service way back in 1993. It has expanded since then to work throughout Scotland and England and even onto Jersey.

It was at the forefront of developing cattle IVF in the UK and is active in research and development projects, working with partners in Nottingham, Kent, North America and Zimbabwe.

Paragon Vetcast is available through all the usual podcast platforms including Amazon, Spotify and Apple. You can also watch clips of the podcast being recorded on Paragon’s YouTube channel.

Paragon Veterinary Group is based at Dalston, near Carlisle, and has surgeries at Newbiggin near Penrith, Wetheral and Shap. Find out more about the practice at the Paragon Veterinary Group website.

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