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RCVS to hold artificial intelligence roundtable

On Monday 20 May 2024, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) will be holding a roundtable event at the Institute of Engineering and Technology London: Savoy Place, bringing together a range of stakeholders to help feed into the college’s initial thinking about the regulation of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) across a range of veterinary sectors.

The event, comprising talks, plenary sessions, and small group discussions, will bring together around 100 individuals from across the veterinary professions, including associations, educational institutions, technology companies and students. To ensure a wide range of expertise is taken into account, participants will also come from other professional regulators and the public sector.

In addition to those affiliated with specific institutions, there are also a small number of spaces available for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to attend, who can demonstrate expertise related to the AI field and can help support the college in its initial direction of travel in terms of AI regulation.

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RCVS CEO Lizzie Lockett said: “AI is everywhere and is progressing at an ever-increasing rate. As the regulator of the veterinary professions, we have a responsibility to make sure that we are maximising the use of AI for good but also preventing it from being used in any way that could harm animal health, welfare and public health.

“Our upcoming roundtable on the regulation of the veterinary use of AI aims to bring those into the room who will help contribute to our initial conversations around the subject. The outputs of these conversations will then be fed into our Standards Committee, the group responsible for the development of guidance for the professions. There will also be input to the Standards Committee from our Public Advisory Group, who will bring in the animal owner’s perspective on the subject.

“Once we have established an initial direction of travel and have some more solid work to review, there will be ample opportunity for the wider professions to get involved and have their say. This initial roundtable event is to help us understand where the key challenges lie and what the next steps will be in addressing these.”

Any veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse who has relevant expertise and is not affiliated with any particular academic, government or veterinary association and who would like to be considered to attend the initial roundtable discussion should email events@rcvs.org.uk explaining their particular area of expertise by 5pm on Monday 6 May 2024. The event will start promptly at 10am and run until 4pm.

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