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RVN TV reality show about the UK’s registered veterinary nurses

The TV show is designed to give the public and pet owners more understanding of the RVN role in the veterinary industry

A new registered veterinary nurse TV reality show will follow the ever-caring, intelligent registered veterinary nurses of the United Kingdom.

The registered veterinary nurses will show how important they are in the UK’s veterinary industry and veterinary practices around the nation. Nearly more than 35,000 registered veterinary nurses will be appreciated for their hard work and dedication to the profession of the veterinary industry.

  • In 2021, there were 34,355 registered veterinary nurses practising in the UK and registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS 2021 Facts and Figures)
  • According to BVA survey results, over half of the UK pet-owning population do not understand the vet nurse role (British Veterinary Association)
  • Approximately 84 percent of registered veterinary nurses in the UK are female (The Vet Service)
  • The average annual salary for veterinary nurses in the UK ranges from £18,000 to £30,000 (The Vet Service)
  • Registered veterinary nurses are trained, highly skilled and dedicated professionals. They are an integral part of the veterinary team who provide high-quality nursing care for animals (British Veterinary Nursing Association)
nurses treating cat

Wanting to help educate the public and pet owners worldwide to give them a better understanding of the profession, the show will help decrease the pet owners’ frustrations and give a clearer understanding of the registered veterinary nurse’s role in the veterinary industry. It will be essential to also give the registered veterinary nurses a clearer and louder voice in the veterinary industry to be more appreciated for their caring, hard work and dedication to the profession.

“Veterinary nurses are often the unsung heroes weaving the threads of compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Supporting veterinary nurses and investing in their professional growth is also an investment in the health and happiness of our cherished pet companions,” said Naomi Oikonomou, head of growth at PetsApp.

“Vet nurses so often seem to be a side note in vet documentaries, so it will be fantastic to see them front and centre where they belong! A vet nurse is an anaesthetist and a radiographer, manages wounds, gives nutritional advice and even performs minor surgical procedures! They truly administer the bulk of the care to your pet if they are hospitalised for any reason. I’m not sure there is a more misunderstood and undervalued profession out there- but are the unsung heroes of the veterinary profession on whom the vets completely depend,” said Dr Ben Simpson-Vernon (Ben the Vet).

Introducing the RVN TV show

The show will showcase five registered veterinary nurses who have different characteristics and talents and diversify the profession. The registered veterinary nurses will work in different workplaces in the veterinary industry, such as general practice, referral practice and charity work with either RSPCA, PDSA, Battersea or StreetVet. The show will go behind the scenes and showcase how all candidates work in their workplace and will be interviewed by a well-known British actress.

The relationship between the registered veterinary nurse to clients to pets and to the veterinary team professionals, veterinary surgeons, veterinary care assistants and veterinary receptionists is key to providing a good understanding of the profession and empowering the nurses themselves in the workplace. The RVN TV show is portrayed to educate the public about the profession while giving the nurses a voice in the overpowering voice of the veterinary surgeons in the UK veterinary industry. With the power of the nation’s RVN voice, the public will have a better understanding of the vet nurse role and appreciate the registered veterinary nurses.

“Empowering veterinary nurses is paramount – they are the compassionate backbone of pet care, and investing in their recognition and growth not only elevates their profession but ensures our beloved pets receive the exceptional care they deserve,” said Claire Cameron, RVN, customer success manager at PetsApp.

A sneak peak of the show

  • Five registered veterinary nurses from around the UK will be chosen for their exciting characteristics, career paths to becoming an RVN and diversifying the profession
  • The RVNs will be filmed inside their workplaces to show the public and pet owners what really happens behind the scenes
  • The RVNs will be interviewed by a well-known British actress, who will interview the RVNs about their careers and why they are so very important in the veterinary industry
  • The main takeaway from the show will be for the public and UK pet owners to have a much clearer understanding of what the vet nurses do in the veterinary practice and industry while also creating a voice and awareness of the RVN profession

“There is a key question in veterinary medicine which seems to escape so much of the profession. The key, essential and significant contribution vet nurses make on a daily basis to furry animal fields. To me, vet nurses are the foundation of any practice, and yet recognition for them often seems distant within the general public. Romanticising, celebrating and highlighting the role of the vet nurses in society is an important next step for that mission. To draw attention to an unseen majority. Hopefully, opportunities like this can help achieve that,” said Dr Fabian Rivers, RSPCA ambassador and Wear Figs ambassador (Dready Vet).

“I think a TV show focusing on the role and importance of veterinary nurses in our profession would be fantastic,” says Dr Cath Henstridge, MRCVS (Cat the Vet). “Those of us who work alongside them appreciate their huge range of skills and knowledge, but I don’t think the general public quite understands how phenomenal they are. Shows such as One Born Every Minute and 24 Hours in A&E have showcased the roles of midwives and nurses and demonstrated how they practice with professional autonomy alongside doctors as part of a medical team. If this would be reproduced for veterinary nurses, it would be brilliant!”

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