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SPILLERS weighs in with a free spring slim-down webinar

SPILLERS will host a spring slim-down webinar for free on Tuesday 27th February

If your horse is carrying some surplus pounds and you are keen to slim them down, the forthcoming SPILLERS brand spring slim-down webinar is a must for your calendar. It is being held on Tuesday 27th February at 8pm. It’s free and AMTRA accredited, too.

The one-hour session is part of a nutrition knowledge-sharing series hosted by the makers of SPILLERS. It will be presented by Isabel Harker, a nutrition advisor for the brand. She will be sharing practical guidance and top tips for horse owners to help their equine friend shed those extra pounds and maintain optimal health. 

Key topics include:

  • understanding obesity and excess weight gain – discover the causes of equine obesity and how it can affect your horse’s overall health.
  •  weight and body condition monitoring – find out how to effectively monitor your horse’s weight and body condition, which is crucial for their well-being.
  •  advice on how to provide a balanced diet while cutting calories
  • tips for restricting forage intake – explore effective methods, such as hay soaking, to control your horse’s forage intake without compromising their nutrition.

“We will be referring to some of our latest knowledge and research on weight management and equine nutrition to bring you practical, actionable tips,” said Harker. “We want to help you provide a healthier, happier spring season for your equine companion and a less stressful time for you, too.”

The webinar has been accredited with 6 AMTRA CPD points. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in equine nutrition provides equestrian industry professionals with the opportunity to keep their nutrition knowledge and skills up to date, in a formally recognised way.

The CPD accreditation is only available for AMTRA RAMAs/SQPs (Registered Animal Medicines Advisors/Suitably Qualified Persons).

To sign up, please visit here.

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