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State of the nation: veterinary marketing insights inveiled in brand new report

This comprehensive report delves into the perspectives of both UK veterinary practice marketers and industry professionals

As the veterinary industry continues to evolve, understanding the role of veterinary marketing has never been more critical. The Veterinary Marketing Association (VMA) has polled veterinary and industry marketers to gain insights into trends, opinions and ways of working for the modern veterinary marketer.

The data from this poll is now ready for release. The VMA has scheduled a free webinar to launch the highly anticipated 2023 State of the Nation report, offering an in-depth exploration of trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the modern landscape of veterinary marketing.

The free webinar will take place on Wednesday 15th May 2024 1pm-2pm. You can register your interest here.

Sub-committee lead for the VMA, Tanya Michelsen said, “This comprehensive report delves into the perspectives of both UK veterinary practice marketers and industry professionals,

She went on to say, “ By analysing responses from a diverse range of stakeholders, the report offers a nuanced understanding of the key issues facing veterinary marketers today, and It has uncovered valuable insights into the current state of the industry.”

Key highlights from the State of the Nation report include:

Skills Confidence Disparity: Only 1 in 3 (35 percent) industry marketers report feeling very confident in their skills, highlighting a significant confidence gap within the industry, particularly among veterinary practice marketers, where confidence levels stand at a mere 6 percent.

Lack of Support: A concerning finding reveals that only 1 in 10 (13 percent) industry marketers feel strongly supported by the industry, while 33 percent of veterinary practice marketers receive no paid marketing training, underscoring the need for greater support and resources within the field.

Demand for Basic Training: With 1 in 3 (33 percent) veterinary practice marketers expressing a need for basic marketing training, there is a clear call for tailored educational programs to address fundamental skills gaps, particularly in areas such as social media marketing.

Embracing AI: Despite mixed confidence levels in describing the role of AI in marketing, the majority of marketers recognise the value of integrating AI technologies into their strategies, signalling a growing embrace of innovative tools within the industry.

In light of these findings, The Veterinary Marketing Association is inviting anyone who works in marketing within the animal health industry to join an exclusive webinar on Wednesday 15th May at 1pm. Experts will share key insights from the State of the Nation report, providing attendees with an opportunity to delve deeper into the latest trends and emerging challenges facing veterinary marketers.

During the 45-minute session, participants can expect a comprehensive discussion on:

  • Marketers’ perceptions of print and online media
  • Budget allocation and spending trends
  • Key training needs and support areas
  • The future outlook of the veterinary marketing profession

Attendees are also encouraged to participate in a live Q&A session, offering an opportunity to engage directly with industry experts and share insights for future research initiatives.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to gain exclusive insights and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the state of veterinary marketing. Register now to secure your spot at the forefront of industry innovation.

For more information and to register for the webinar, visit the VMA website.

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