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Getting things done in practice – a new collaborative project

Chris Whipp is looking for practices in and around the Cambridge area – and further afield – to take part in a project aimed at figuring out solutions to some of the profession’s problems.

IF your practice lies within 25 miles of Cambridge, I would like to enlist your participation in a collaborative project. If you are further a field, you can still participate/benefit.

For more than 15 years I have, with colleagues, been heavily involved in developing new postgraduate educational opportunities for GP vets and gaining recognition for the unique skills of the GP vet.

Now is the time to make these methodologies available more widely to primary care veterinary practices and perhaps challenge some of the assumptions of our scientific minds that limit us.

In 2003 I sold my practice to allow me to spend more time on the work while still working part-time in practice and developing a career in learning and change.

I was prompted by a sense of frustration in the latter days of owning a practice of not really understanding why making things happen in practice was as difficult as it seemed to be and I vowed at some point to invest some time and energy to see what we might do about it.

Trying to effect change within the educational framework of the profession was far more challenging than effecting change had been within my old practice and I came to realise that, perhaps, I’d had it easier than I thought at the time.

It also demonstrated that some assumptions and negative habits of thinking were widespread and hindering our health, wealth and quality of life.

People don’t like change and the scarier the change, the greater the time pressures, the greater the perceived risk of failure and the more difficult the communication involved, the greater the pressure to do nothing.

Significant change is both unsettling and resisted and working with businesses in a variety of sectors over more than 10 years now I have come to realise that the best solutions are often both highly specific to the context of the business/practice and counter-intuitive.

Easy quick fixes sound good and are attractive but rarely work and I have come to realise a rather different approach which looks for simple but not necessarily easy solutions.

Having proven their worth in the business sector, I would now like to share the concepts within the profession and to do so I need to build some evidence as to why we as a profession are so resistant to change.

The collaborative project is designed to both identify and remove the barriers to implementation that exist within our scientific minds and our educational system. There is no financial cost but there is a requirement to participate responsibly in the project.

Further details can be obtained from or telephone 07771 611679.

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