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LANTRA: more than just occupational standards

LISA JARVIS VN, MBVNA, explains how LANTRA works with the veterinary nursing profession

LANTRA is the Sector Skills Council for the veterinary nursing industry. Our objective is to work in partnership with government and educational/training organisations to ensure that the skills and qualifications provided to the industry are those that industry demands.

We have to work closely with veterinary nurses and their employers to identify industry needs so that we can help shape policies, target funding and learning provision and to promote the importance of having a highly skilled and motivated workforce through training and development with the aim of increasing business productivity, sustainability and ultimately, profitability.

As the industry partnership manager, I work to ensure that the industry receives what it wants when it wants, but I can only do this with your help as you are the people who know what is needed from training and development.

Professions Allied to Veterinary Science Industry Group

LANTRA works with veterinary nursing through the Professions Allied to Veterinary Science (PAVS) Industry Group. This group also provides representation for farriery, animal technology and more recently equine dental technicians and barefoot trimmers; all of whom, like veterinary nurses, are involved with the health and welfare of animals under statutory requirements.

The PAVS veterinary nursing representatives are drawn from various areas of the veterinary world and include the BVNA, BEVA, RCVS and BSAVA, training providers, both colleges and private providers, as well as employers and veterinary nurses from practice.

We are always looking for additional individuals to join either the “Industry Group” or “Virtual Group” who receive information from the industry group and become part of our consultation contacts.

LANTRA at BSAVA congress

We are delighted to be able to support this year’s BSAVA Congress by having a stand and invite you to join us on stand 1003 to share your opinions on veterinary nursing and the issues facing all those working in veterinary practices.

Sector Skills Agreement

The Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) was written having analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the veterinary nursing industry, and our work is now guided by the issues identified on the action plan:

  • VN manpower survey
  • Recruitment
  • NVQ provision not satisfactory
  • Support for employers
  • Improve learning mechanisms
  • Support animal health and welfare
  • Retention of students
  • Increased industry engagement
  • Student destinations
  • Promote VN professionalism
  • Representation for veterinary nurses
  • Regulatory/awarding body concerns
  • Develop new qualification to fill identified gap – ANA/VCA
  • Relationships between industry and VNs.
  • Work-based support for trainees
  • Gateways to the professions
  • Costs of training and development
  • Continual professional development

The Veterinary Nursing SSA and action plan is a living document and we would like your comments on the actions identified and how they relate to your work in the veterinary nursing industry.

Current work

We’re going back to basics to fully understand the range of jobs within the industry and the skills associated with them.

Not just the technical skills but looking at the whole job including health and safety, customer care, administration, management and much more. We would like to know what you do in your job.

We have already done a lot of the work and drawn up a list of job titles and associated skills. Now we are looking for individuals like you who work in the industry to let us know if we’ve got it right or not – and if not what needs to be corrected.

The job roles are available for consultation at from 31st March to 9th May 2008.

Over to you!

We can only work in support of veterinary nursing if you work with us. To register your interest or for more information visit LANTRA at the BSAVA congress or contact LANTRA connect on 0845 707 8007 or e-mail

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