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Three reasons why your veterinary practice should implement patient management systems

Anton Visser explains how using ‘the cloud’ to keep track of everything in the practice can maximise productivity and care.

VETERINARY FACILITIES ARE REQUIRED TO HOLD THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE for operational efficiency and medication safety to provide top of the line patient care; however, unfortunate events can occur that prevent management from running an error-free practice successfully.

By implementing patient management systems, animal practitioners have access to patients’ treatment plans and information through a cloud-based application at any time. The systems benefit veterinary practices and patients by providing treatment reminders, eliminating room for error, access to medical records at any time, an interactive ICU whiteboard, inventory management tracking, and more.

Below are three ways cloud-based treatment sheets can reduce hazardous situations for patients and overall increase the efficiency of your veterinary practice.

1. Increase the quality of patient care

Veterinary staff members pride themselves on being animal lovers, consistently putting the patient first by making important decisions that are best for the patient’s health.

Previously, staff members have kept track of each patient’s medical history through an ICU sheet, where medical records and information are documented. Transitioning to digital software that allows staff members to have easier access and all the information in one spot will virtually increase the overall relationship staff members have with the patient.

Saying goodbye to cage-side paper charts grants veterinary surgeons more time to focus on the patient’s progression and needs. Having a strong and healthy relationship with patients is a crucial element in making a successful practice succeed.

2. Increase efficiency within your practice

Common occurrences that veterinary practices face that negatively impact the overall efficiency of their office is time spent on physical labour and lack of accuracy. Vets spend many hours writing down patients’ medical information, tracking down misplaced medical sheets and trying to read illegible patient forms.

Patient management systems eliminate any room for error with cloud-based software, providing medical information, including treatment plans for each patient all organised in one place.

Cloud-based patient management systems are accessible virtually anywhere, as long as the device has internet connectivity, allowing staff to access patient information outside of the office, consistently tracking everything that is adjusted, purchased or given to the patient to prevent any mismanagement.

Implementing a cloud-based application will overall increase the efficiency, accuracy and accountability within your practice on a day-to-day basis.

3. Compliant with automated solutions and cloud-based storage cabinets

Controlling and tracking inventory is imperative for any veterinary practice to be successful. Mismanaging medications and supplies happens often, not only costing the facility but also possibly an animal’s life.

Patient management systems are compliant with inventory management software, providing a tight control system to maintain inventory logs and enhance the inventory workflow process. By implementing automated solutions, vets can automatically track medications and supplies that are being used for each patient.

Implementing an inventory management cloud-based technology in your veterinary practice will eliminate future risk for overprescribing patients. In addition, it will record whether or not the correct prescriptions are being filled for each patient.

Providing the resources

All practising vets are faced with juggling a massive amount of information and are responsible for numerous patients at any given time.

This can be a difficult and stressful task if employees are not provided with the resources to set them up for success.

Luckily, with the help of a cloud-based automated solution, veterinary practices can fully maximise their productivity to obtain the most efficient work ow process. By implementing such systems, vets are presented with the opportunity to create a healthy atmosphere for their practice all around.

This solution also ensures the priority of the patient, an increase in office efficiency, and items such as medications, supplies and patient information are accessible at all times as they are consistently tracked to prevent diversion errors.

Vets not only have to think about the progression of the patient’s health but also the numerous business decisions they have to make to lead a successful practice.

Investing in cloud-based technology will support your practice in providing state-of-the-art patient care and an increase in revenue.

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