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Top veterinary books of this year and next

Our pick of 5m Publishing’s top veterinary titles of 2018 and great reads available to pre-order for 2019

Our top picks from 2018

The New Vet’s Handbook: Information and Advice for Veterinary Graduates

Written by Clare Tapsfield Wright, this book is an invaluable guide to helping new graduates find their first placement, adapt to the practice environment and understand what’s expected of them clinically, professionally, ethically and academically.

Animal Personality: The Science Behind Individual Variation

Jill MacKay provides a fascinating and informed insight into the science of personality and its application to non-human animals. The author shows how the implications of animals having personalities affects how we treat and care for pets, farm animals and wildlife.

Sheep Keeping

Phillipa Page and Kim Hamer provide veterinary information to the sheep smallholder, offering practical advice on common problems seen in small sheep flocks and answering questions beyond those commonly asked in veterinary consultation.

Picking a Pedigree?

Emma Milne has developed an informative and positive resource which gives the prospective pet owner the science-based information they need to make an informed choice when selecting a new family member.

Behavioural Problems in Rabbits

In this book, rabbit behavioural expert Guen Bradbury gives readers the tools they need to address any unwanted behaviour in a rabbit under their care. She covers understanding rabbit behaviour, diagnosing the cause of problems and constructing an achievable plan for change.

Forthcoming in 2019

A Practical Guide to Equine Radiography

This guide, written by Gabriel Manso Díaz, Javier López San Román and Renate Weller, is designed to accompany the clinical veterinarian either within a hospital setting or out in the field. The book offers an informative step-by-step guide to obtaining high quality radiographs with focuses on image quality, accuracy, consistency and safety.

The Management of Pet Obesity

Victoria Bowes and Helen Coleman have written this book, which is ideal for veterinary nurses, student veterinary nurses and animal nutritionists approaching the complex topic of pet obesity. It will also be of interest to pet owners and anyone in the position of giving advice or guidance on pet nutrition and weight management.

Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics: The Evolving Story of Our Relationship with Farm Animals

Mark Fisher charts the history of our understanding of farm animal welfare, throughout time. This book also looks at our current animal welfare systems, examining what is working and what isn’t.

Writing Skills for Veterinarians

Ryane E Englar covers the creation of a range of written communications, including medical documents, reports, journal articles, research papers and presentations, with the help of practice exercises.

Research and Study Skills for Veterinary Nurses: A Practical Guide for Academic Success

Jane Davidson provides information and advice on successful exam technique, revision ideas and study styles. The book is a reliable resource to guide veterinary nurses and practitioners through their courses.

Jennifer Parker

Senior Editor at Veterinary Practice

Jennifer Parker, BSc, PgDip, MSc, is a science writer and editor. She studied zoology, endangered species re-covery and palaeoanthropology in the UK. Jennifer was Senior Editor of Veterinary Practice magazine for almost three years; she left the publication in October 2019 to move abroad and pursue a freelance writing career.

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