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TV ad and waiting room competition

CEVA Animal Health is running a new
TV advertising and marketing campaign
to promote its veterinary behaviour
products, DAP and Feliway, in the run-
up to this year’s firework season.

The campaign features a new
animated character, Dap the Dog, who
will join That Purple Cat in educating
pet owners on the behaviours expressed
by pets that are fearful of loud noises
and the benefits of using the products.

The adverts will be aired this month
on ITV2, E4, More4 and Channel 4
(London only) starting on Monday 4th
October and are expected to be seen by
11.5 million ABC1 women.

Ceva has produced a range of
firework marketing materials for
veterinary practices to help educate
owners who have noise phobic pets.
The materials include client leaflets, an
A4 leaflet holder, waiting room display
materials and a firework poster all
featuring the characters from the advert.

The company’s website,, has also
been updated to include the new TV
advert, downloadable versions of all
materials and tips on how to prepare

pets for fireworks. In addition, and will feature a voucher
offering pet owners a free 60ml spray
when they purchase a DAP or Feliway
diffuser from their veterinary practice.

Recent research carried out by Ceva
that revealed that 80% of pet owners
have had a pet that has been afraid of
fireworks, with more than half of dog
owners wanting to ban them altogether
because they are too upsetting for their

Ceva is running its annual
firework display competition for
veterinary practices throughout
October for the best decorated
waiting room. For details, contact the
company on 01494 781510.

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