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Latest articles

September 2021

Does face-to-face congress have a future?

BEVA held its first in-person congress since the beginning of the pandemic, and despite the regulations still in place, it proved to be a massive success

Metronomic chemotherapy for cancer management

Metronomic chemotherapy provides an alternative oncological intervention, offering patients an improved quality of life with fewer risks and minimal impacts on the patient

New information and extended deadlines for OV exports courses

To ensure that OVs are able to stay up to date with post-Brexit regulations, OCQ(V) exports courses are being reviewed and amended as necessary, with six courses updated so far and three in development, and select revalidation deadlines have been extended

The changing face of veterinary receptionists

The role and profile of the veterinary receptionist has evolved over the past four years and there are further initiatives on the horizon that seek to further develop and empower the role

Is perfectionism decreasing your worth?

Being non-judgemental, acknowledging our errors and facing the emotions that they give rise to can liberate us from the habit of hiding behind self-depreciation so that we can move on

Behaviour and welfare of the elderly pet

It is essential to alter husbandry and management of elderly pets to tackle the effects of the physical and behavioural changes associated with senescence and to provide a good quality of life

Cage-related aggression in parrots

Misunderstood ideas surrounding “height dominance” are prevalent in parrot culture, but there are simple steps you can take to reduce cage-related aggression and behaviour