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September 2021

August 2021


Farm animal urolithiasis

Urolithiasis can easily be missed by an inexperienced stockperson but ultrasounds, biochemical work-ups and other equipment-free methods can help with diagnosing urethral blockages

Oral examinations under anaesthesia

Often an assessment of a patient’s whole dental arcade can only be obtained under anaesthesia so that underlying pathologies do not go untreated or misdiagnosed

Anal sacs and associated disorders

Anal sac disorders are one of the most common reasons for veterinary consultations in dogs, so it is important to be able to recognise and differentiate the different conditions that can affect them

July 2021

June 2021

Sterile nodular panniculitis in dogs

This sterile condition is rare in dogs and history and clinical signs together with in-house and external laboratory work-up are all required to reach a reliable diagnosis

Imaging the bladder in small animals

Radiography and ultrasound are complementary techniques for examining the bladder, and when combined a definitive diagnosis can often be reached

Applications of bovine endoscopy

Bovine endoscopy is a minimally intrusive procedure that leads to quick patient recovery which has many other benefits, such as reducing the need for post-operative antimicrobials and allowing clear visualisation of the area of interest

May 2021

April 2021

March 2021

February 2021

The significance of equine diastemata

A good understanding of the pathophysiology and clinical signs of diastemata is vital for the effective treatment of the highly prevalent disease