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August 2021

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May 2021

Telemedicine: something good and something to be wary of

When offering veterinary services via telemedicine to colleagues or clients overseas, it is vital that colleagues familiarise themselves with the requirements of relevant professional bodies in foreign countries and their obligations therein

April 2021

The impact of Brexit on horse welfare

Transporting horses to Europe in the post-Brexit world involves delays and extra costs that threaten the welfare of the animals and the UK’s participation in top level equestrian sport, according to speakers at the National Equine Forum

March 2021

Let’s discuss equine obesity

Obesity is a sensitive matter and practitioners may be worried that any attempt to draw attention to the problem will undermine their relationship with the client

February 2021

The significance of equine diastemata

A good understanding of the pathophysiology and clinical signs of diastemata is vital for the effective treatment of the highly prevalent disease

COVID-19 and equine practice

In times with varying guidelines, it is important that we use our professional judgement to ensure work can be carried out safely without putting ourselves at risk

December 2020