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September 2021

Cage-related aggression in parrots

Misunderstood ideas surrounding “height dominance” are prevalent in parrot culture, but there are simple steps you can take to reduce cage-related aggression and behaviour

August 2021

Nursing hospitalised rabbits

It is essential to reduce the stress of rabbit patients and produce a high welfare capacity in order to achieve a positive outcome during hospitalisation

July 2021

Basic tips for top tortoise care

Correct tortoise husbandry requires thorough homework and careful planning to prevent future health issues and potential poor tortoise welfare

April 2021

February 2021

Small mammal dental disease

The unique anatomy and dentition of exotic herbivorous species can predispose them to developing dental disease

December 2020

Avian cardiac disease

Symptoms of cardiac disease in birds are often subtle as captive birds have the ability to self-restrict exercise and hide signs of illness until they reach congestive heart failure

October 2020

July 2020

Animals, space and welfare

Too often, spatial provisions are decided by what is thought convenient for owners rather than what is better for animals

Happy minds and healthy bodies

Why we need to consider the mental well-being of our pets in the same way as we need to think about our own mental health

Small mammal reproductive disease

Reproductive disease in small exotic mammals is a fairly common occurrence and can be quite alarming to the client, especially when haemorrhage occurs

June 2020

May 2020

April 2020

Wildlife crimes involving raptors

An ill or injured bird of prey could be evidence of wildlife crime and veterinary surgeons can play a crucial role in reporting anything suspicious