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Large animal

September 2021

New information and extended deadlines for OV exports courses

To ensure that OVs are able to stay up to date with post-Brexit regulations, OCQ(V) exports courses are being reviewed and amended as necessary, with six courses updated so far and three in development, and select revalidation deadlines have been extended

August 2021


Farm animal urolithiasis

Urolithiasis can easily be missed by an inexperienced stockperson but ultrasounds, biochemical work-ups and other equipment-free methods can help with diagnosing urethral blockages

July 2021

Veterinary considerations for artificial meat

Armed with a balance between scientific enthusiasm and the realities of animal production, it seems very important that veterinary surgeons consider the factors involved in the production of artificial meat as regulators and politicians will be looking for guidance

June 2021

Applications of bovine endoscopy

Bovine endoscopy is a minimally intrusive procedure that leads to quick patient recovery which has many other benefits, such as reducing the need for post-operative antimicrobials and allowing clear visualisation of the area of interest

May 2021

April 2021

The future of bovine TB control

An awareness of the real time required to achieve eradication revealed from local recent data may prevent unrealistic expectations of any initiatives implemented

March 2021

February 2021

December 2020

New Forest eye – a global issue

A greater understanding of the disease also known as infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis and its prevention would be welcomed by both farmers and vets

Managing mastitis

The British Mastitis Conference 2020 discussed new developments in tackling mastitis, from the value of selective dry cow therapy at quarter level to the impact of automatic milking systems

November 2020

October 2020

Cattle vets and COVID-19

Despite being able to work in the fresh air with space and applied hygiene, there are still dangers and analysing risk is now the norm

September 2020