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Event reports

September 2021

August 2021

June 2021

May 2021

Mastering uncertainty in veterinary practice

Veterinary staff should recognise that they may not be able to work as efficiently in a global health crisis as they would during normal times and can learn from the experience of people working in other sectors

April 2021

Rising vaccine hesitancy

Practitioners across the globe face increasing scepticism from clients about the value of inoculating their pets against deadly infectious diseases, vets attending the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s online congress were told in March 2021

Managing chronic pain in osteoarthritic dogs

Dogs with chronic osteoarthritis may self-medicate with the endorphins produced during exercise to control their joint pain, practitioners attending the BSAVA online congress 2021 were told

The impact of Brexit on horse welfare

Transporting horses to Europe in the post-Brexit world involves delays and extra costs that threaten the welfare of the animals and the UK’s participation in top level equestrian sport, according to speakers at the National Equine Forum

March 2021

Let’s discuss equine obesity

Obesity is a sensitive matter and practitioners may be worried that any attempt to draw attention to the problem will undermine their relationship with the client

What can we expect from the virtual BSAVA Congress 2021?

With its new virtual format, balance of clinical and interactive content, wide range of practical topics, light-hearted socials and sessions on well-being, BSAVA Congress 2021 is a compelling offering for every member of the practice

February 2021

December 2020

Managing mastitis

The British Mastitis Conference 2020 discussed new developments in tackling mastitis, from the value of selective dry cow therapy at quarter level to the impact of automatic milking systems

November 2020

October 2020

April 2020

Illegal donkey exports

Attendees of NEF 2020 were warned of the illegal trade of donkeys and their skin to meet the demands for the production of ejiao

February 2020

What to expect from Vets South 2020

The conference, taking place over two days, boasts an extensive programme with content for both vets and vet nurses in small animal practice

November 2019